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The Fenix Series in Philosophy and the Humanities publishes original manuscripts and seminal texts in English that were not yet available in e-book format in the vast area of the Humanities, broadly conceived so as to include Philosophy, History, Social Sciences, Law, Letters, Psychology, Economics, and empirical sciences. The series is part of the Fenix dynamics of publishing open-access e-books that make explicit the organic connection between context-text-topicality insofar as philosophical problems relate to a certain context of relevance allowing for the diagnosis of time and the updating of strategic horizons pointing to plural scenarios and perspectives for humanity.


                         Series Chair

                              Nythamar de Oliveira



                                 Editorial Board:

                              Agemir Bavaresco (Philosophy, Theology)

                              Claudio de Almeida (Philosophy)

                              Nythamar de Oliveira, (Philosophy, Communication)

                             Alex Guilherme (Education, Psychology, Philosophy)

                             Norman Madarasz (Philosophy, Letters)

                             Teresa Schneider Marques (Social Sciences, International Relations)

                             Cristina Becker Perna (Letters)

                             Gabrielle Sarlet (Law)

                             Jair Tauchen, Publishing Editor (Philosophy)


Advisory Board:

Catherine Audard (London)

Babette Babich (New York)

Otavio Bueno (Miami)

John Caputo (Philadelphia)

Dick Howard (New York / Paris)

Charles Ramond (Paris)

Mary Rawlinson (London)

Michael Schulz (Bonn)

Barbara Weinstein (New York)

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