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Serenidade e superação da metafísica no Heidegger tardio

Sabrina Ruggeri

Instead of following the strategy of trying to grasp “being” through the energy of the human will, Heidegger attributes the dynamics of absolute knowledge – somehow counter-intuitively – to “being” and to its potential of “unconcealing itself”. As Ruggeri convincingly shows, convincingly both for our reading of Heidegger and for our independent philosophical reflections, the event of an unconcealment of being will depend on serenity [Gelassenheit] for Heidegger, that is on the human readiness to let such a process happen. Technology, rather than being remote from truth, emerges as very sight of such event of truth. That I profoundly agree with such a reading – both on a hermeneutic and on a systematic level – is of minor importance compared to the power, the originality, and the promise of Sabrina Ruggeri’s thinking.

HANS ULRICH GUMBRECHT. Albert Guérard Professor in Literature, Emeritus, Stanford University.


ISBN – 978-65-87424-20-0

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